Streak back to 0

I was doing lingQ regulalry for almost 90 days and i am pretty sure that it’s not my fault, but checking today i see my streak being set back to 1.
Is there any possibility to fix it ;-;
( especially since it’s most probably an issue of the site )

In which language you had 90 days streak? I checked your profile and it doesn’t show any past streak that long.

Out of curiosity, is there a limit to how many times you can “repair” your streak? I don’t remember when (a couple of weeks ago), I had a 60 something day streak and repaired it a few days in a row, spending 5K coins a pop, and then the site stopped offering me the chance to do so.

In french, since it’s the only language that i learn here.
I had like yesterday 84~ days, i guess, and suddenly it disappeared.
Idk, maybe the problem is on my side, but i prefer to ask for help since it’s a pity to lose it.

There is no a limit, but streak can be repaired only if there is just one day break.

Your account doesn’t show any previous streak, that’s strange. I will ask our developers to look into it. Are you sure you were using account “donpedro” for maintaining your streak?

Of course .
I don’t have any other accounts.

Okay, good to know. Then I guess my question: why, during the one day my streak broke, did I not get an offer to repair it? I remember it was a Saturday.

Sorry about that. It was a temporary glitch and your French Streak is alive again. You are on 83 days streak now and you are good to continue building it.

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thank you and lingQ staff very much <333

Monday: Reach my goal and add to my streak
Tuesday: Reach my goal, says I was short on Monday and streak reset.

I try to recommend this site, but am finding it harder to do so.