Strangeness on My Lessons page

The My lessons page has been acting strangely recently. I use it in “table” view to look at my active lessons in Russian and German. Currently it will only let me view my lessons in recently opened sort order. It will only let me archive the topmost lesson (ie the one I’ve just opened). It also resists letting me look at pages other than page 1.

Don’t tell me…you’ve just changed something and I need to refresh my browser. I’ll just try that now.

Ah! Now all is fixed EXCEPT that it say “sort order: recently opened” when in fact it’s sorting by number of new words.

@ Skyblue teapot - I don’t really see any issues there Helen. All I can suggest is that you try refreshing the page again and playing around a bit with the sort but whenever I sort it seems to give me the correct sort order.

I have a problem with My Lesson page too. A few weeks from now, it started to take 5 to 10 minutes to open my lesson page. I can’t open the page sometimes, it shows "temporary down " page although other pages are completely fine. I can’t open the page now. Are you working on with my lesson page now?

It may just be timing out Mark. I’ve got 9 pages of active German lessons.

@yuko- That seems very strange. We aren’t hearing that from others. There have been no changes on the My Lessons page. Does this happen for you in all languages?

Hi, Mark. It happens to English My lesson page. I can open Chinese and Japanese My lesson pages. My English “My lesson page” shows “LingQ is temporarily down as we make improvements!” these days.

@yuko - try ctrl+ refreshing that page a few times. I think it might be a caching issue.

OK. I cleared the cache several times, re-opened Safari, but still it shows “LingQ is temporarily down as we make improvements!”
I realized that I can’t open archive pages either…

@yukoxoxo2000 - Can you try opening the same pages in another browser to see if it works?

@Alex I tried Safari and Chrome, but I couldn’t open “My lesson page” on both browsers. I could open other languages’ “My lesson pages”. It only happens to English page.

@yukoxoxo2000 - Can you try this again? We just made a quick update that should hopefully have fixed this.

Still can’t do “save and open” in the import lesson page. But at least now one can “save” and then go over to another page to hit a link to open the new lesson. Strange stuff that’s frustrating.

Okay, it has started to work. But it’s a long wait for the newly created lesson to open and I almost thought that I was being directed to the maintenance notification page again.

@TroisRoyaumes - Would you be able to link us to the specific lessons that are taking long to load? Also, do other pages on the site load quickly or do you notice some delays there as well?

@alex I cleared cache, re-started the browser, but still, I can’t open “My lesson page”…

I hoarded many lessons on My lesson page (probably, more than 200 lessons), is that the reason?

@yukoxoxo2000 - Sorry about that. Can you try this again to see if it’s working now?

@ Alex Thank you. It worked! It took 5 minutes to open that page, but I could finally open it!

But I can’t open My Archives page.

Could you fix that page?

@skyblueteapot, yukoxoxo2000 - How long does the My Lessons page normally take to load? Has it always been slow, or is this something new?