Strange Notifications behaviour


Since the update was pushed, my Notifications have gone a bit weird. Every time I click to see the Notifications list I have a long list of weird reminders for 12 LingQs dated way back in January. However much I try to delete / dismiss these notifications, they’re back in the list the next time I open it. Clicking on any of these rogue Notifications takes me to a message like this:

Invalid input parameters:
Select a valid choice. 2014-01-20 is not one of the available choices.

It looks like there’s a bug somewhere.

Same here. My notification area is full of this garbage.

What’s worse, if I log out and log back in, it gets marked as unread and gets red, as if there was something new in the notification area.

And what’s even worse, the same as above happens with my 2 notifications about receiving roses from couple of weeks ago. I mark it as read over and over again, it doesn’t make any difference, though.

@zbrntt, Sorror - Sorry about this! A fix should be implemented very shortly…

It seems to be working better now. Thanks.

@zbrntt - Glad to hear it :slight_smile: Should you run into any other issues be sure to let us know!

…but today it’s started again! This time I don’t have any strange notifications, but clicking on any of the regular notifications brings up this:

Invalid input parameters:
Select a valid choice. 2014-05-25 is not one of the available choices.


@zbrntt - sorry about that! Would you be able to make a screenshot of that message? Thanks!

When will all the bugs in the new android app be fixed

@Esaabdual - There isn’t honestly much software out there that is 100% bug free. What I can tell you though is that we’re actively working on the app, both fixing existing issues and improving existing functionality. The app should be working pretty well, though there still seem to be some strange issues that are only affecting a small number of our users. If you run into any issues with the new version, let us know!