Strange emails from

Today I’m receiving instead usual Exchange Request and Lesson likes strange emails from with no texts, but with this note:
I think this is some of bugs.
Does anybody have the same problem?

Sorry about that. Looks like some email notifications are broken. We are looking into it.

Zoran, today is another problem - I’m constantly receiving many and many letters ‘… liked your post’, maybe 100 with such notifications. Here are examples only of some of them:
lobo_al liked your post
Tulikum liked your post
webwav liked your post
Auriwask liked your post
username liked your post
gladnik liked your post
Atwald liked your post
Edswardo liked your post
When I open these letters, I see that such people are or were members of but they are inactive for a long time.
But why I receive such letters from those people?

Hi Zoran and all

Yes, I too have also received similar ‘likes’ today, which seem pretty random, and have seen link on their profile which I suggest would be wise to avoid just in case it links to malware (I suspect) … ???

  • dinosoreo
  • nsprung
    I don’t know if this is orchestrated attack, or pure coincidence, or even if those users are aware of their accounts maybe compromised … ?

Best regards,

Hi Zoran
Unfortunately, still getting these random posts with similar dodgy links on their profile … definitely looks like compromised account profile to me (?), please can you investigate further how to resolve this … e.g latest ‘like’ belongs to jmrbatista … !!
Btw, is there a way to delete these ‘notifications’ from our profile list … ?
Thanks in advance for your help

Thanks Evgueny, we are investigating this.

We took care of it @FrankG, you shouldn’t receive them again. Thanks for posting here.

Me too

Hi Zoran

Many thanks for your prompt help with that, very much appreciated.

May I enquire further in regard to the ‘notifications’ tab on our profiles, it seems currently the only ‘action’ possible is to ‘Mark All as Read’, but I wondered if there is any option for users to delete specific notifications which may clutter up that page/list - or is this something for the future perhaps?

Thanks again
Kind regards

Yes, it will be good to delete specific notifications.
I appreciate ‘lessons likes’ or ‘exchange request’, but ‘liked your post’ is now infected and I would like not to receive them.
Unfortunately I continue to receive them. I tried to denify them like ‘spam’ but in that case all notificationss from Lingq my computer sends to ‘spam’.

LingQ has a widespread problem as I am still receiving them. The latest one was just one hour ago.

Zoran, can LingQ also please allow us to remove such notifications on our Notifications tab? I would appreciate the implementation of such a feature as I’ve now got about 30 “liked your posts” and the number is still growing. My notifications page is cluttered with these and I would like to remove them all.


You are lucky, Maria!
I had 120 the day before yesterdaay, 80 yesterday and 55 up to now today these stupid ‘liked your posts’!..

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Zoran, we have to do something with these “…liked your posts” !
Every morning I spend 20 minutes to delete them, but they come and come again - from 70 to 100 every day!

When it comes to LingQ’s glitches and bugs I wouldn’t say any of us are lucky. LingQ has lost lots of members due to glitches and bugs - and it seems keeps on suffering from new ones.

…and LingQ considers it’s been taken care of. Perhaps just for FrankG. Certainly they keep coming for me, the last on received just 10 minutes ago.

Oh, Maria, of course, my sarcastic phrase is not to offend you! It’s rather to pay more attention of the administration of Lingq to this unpleasant glitch.

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Sorry Evgueny and Maria, we did fixed one group of spam account and deactivated them, but there is another group still active and we are working on it at the moment. Should be all taken care of today.
Thanks for your patience and sorry about any inconvenience.

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Thanks Zoran & Evgueny, it seems I cannot reply directly to your posts the only option is “import”, so I’ve “liked” your posts instead.

These spam accounts are all old! This is an example of one I received 30 minutes after your post below Zoran.

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