Strange behaviour of the spell checker

Please check the following screen shot. I tried to check a post on the forum:

The spell checker’s functionality was definitely weird, hey :)~

@VeraI - Thanks for the heads up. If you go back to the same post are you seeing the same thing? I can’t seem to find this post on the forum, so I’m wondering if you could copy the text and send it to us so we can try and reproduce this with the same text.

@VeraI - Never mind, I just found your post and was able to reproduce this, though with different (but still incorrect) results. I’ll pass this along!

@Alex: Thank you for letting me know. I’ve copied the text into Word and let Word correct the text before I’ve posted it. I made some additional changes. That is why there are some differences. It was strange, because I often use the spell checker and it was the first time that I got such a strange result.

@VeraI - Makes sense! We’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on here.

@ Vera

I just had a look at your screenshot, and the problem is that you accidently put spaces in the middle of the words ‘nallitywasv’ and ‘telynotw’. Luckily, the Polish spellchecker on LingQ was able to identify these typos.

@Colin: I guess, I’m not used to Polish :wink: