Strange behavior with a stubborn lingQ

I made a lingQ and it keeps disappearing after a refresh or on a close- reopen.

After attempting to make the lingQ the right arrow shortcut took me to the next unknown word instead of the next unknown lingQ.

At one point, the slider bar on the right side of the unknown lingQ box disappeared.

This happens for me on some browsers and not others. Which browser do you use?

I reproduced the error on both the latest versions of FireFox and Internet Explorer.

@pmilone - Thanks for the screenshot. There are two things to address here:

(1) Yellow highlight not saving - While some punctuation is permitted in phrases, quotation marks and ending punctuation are excluded. Apostrophes work when sandwiched by letters, but since the apostrophe isn’t followed by anything it seems to be cutting off the phrase after the refresh. I’ll add this to our list, but in the meantime I recommend trying to work around this apostrophe in the text.

(2) Right arrow key moving to blue word - This logic is actually correct. When you click on a blue word and save it, then press the right arrow key it moves to the next blue word in the text. Even though you already saved this phrase, the issue above means that after refreshing it is treated as a new phrase again.

I hope this helps explain things further!