Storybooks Canada, Citybooks - might be worth asking for permission to share at LingQ?

Steve Kaufmann was talking in a recent video about the difficulty of even getting a response when asking for permission to share content at LingQ - maybe these people are worth getting in touch with if you haven’t tried already?

Someone recently pointed me at Storybooks Canada - - a series of text-plus-audio short stories taken from a collection called The African Storybook and translated and recorded into a long list of languages that are spoken by some community or other in Canada (not all of which are on LingQ yet, but many of which are, including a few of the more obscure ones). They’re all pretty basic childrens’ stories, and I know that those are generally disrecommended for adult learners, but they look like they’ll probably take you slightly further than the Mini-Stories by the end of the series.

(Actually it turns out that it’s part of a ‘Global Storybooks’ series presenting the same set of stories in clusters of languages spoken in whichever country or region you select, but a lot of them seem to be very incomplete, and many of them just have the text, not the audio - )

Also, did anyone at LingQ ever try to contact Citybooks - about whether their content could be shared here? They’re more advanced, long form stories for adults, in English, Dutch and French plus the main language of whatever city the story is set in, if it’s not already one of those three.


Thanks, I just emailed citybooks about it. They published my article “Experiencing languages with citybooks” on their website in January. I’ll let you know.