Story of a pet - it us fake! Also a blatant lie!

  1. The story is nice, BUT near the end it states the dog became fat because it ate chocolates. What a lie! Chocolate is toxic to dogs. They can die from eating it!

Can you provide the link to the lesson, please?

Portuguese Communication Exercises - Advanced A
Story of a Pet – Patrícia Machado Justh

I suppose you can contact the lesson provider if you think something is wrong.

Not my responsibility to provide accuracy. I have made the observation that chocolate is toxic to dogs and thus the story is a fanciful lie and thus fiction.

Not all dogs are effected to the same degree. If you do a google search there are many stories of people’s dogs being just fine after eating a box of chocolate. Others have issues…or possibly death (rare).

Anyones dog get away with eating chocolate?! | Mumsnet

Ask a veterinarian. In the situations I was in, the dogs needed emergency treatment after eating chocolates.
Go ahead and feed your dog chocolates. See what the veterinarian will say…
There are many people who believe vaccinations are useless - and even bad. So be it. I follow medical advice not what some anti-vaxxers say.
I have scientific training that I believe. Some of that training states the world is basically a sphere. Some folks believe the world is flat and quote many sources to maintain their beliefs. So be it.


See my comment: "Chocolate is toxic to dogs. They can die from eating it! " and about listening to a veterinarian.

Do you go to google for medical advice, or do you see a trained medical practitioner?

Hi tmac100, my friend. I’m not sure if something is being lost in translation. Nowhere did I suggest that it’s a good idea to feed one’s dog chocolate. Nor would I ever recommend it. I’m merely replying to your suggestion that the story you read was a fake and a lie because dog’s can’t eat chocolate. All, I stated is there are cases where dogs have accidentally eaten chocolate and been no worse off. There are many stories of this. Again, I wouldn’t advocate it, and I sure would be scared if I saw a dog eat it and would rush them to the vet.

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The story clearly states the dog became fat because it ate chocolate. This could not happen by accident. What were the dog’s owners doing while the dog was getting fat on chocolates?

Clearly a fake story. Defense of any dog eating chocolate is irresponsible, and borders on animal abuse. Ask a trained veterinarian how any dog adult owners could innocently state their dog got fat by eating chocolates in their house.

The author should remove this story showing this animal abuse, and stick to truthful believable stories too. If not, then Steve Kaufmann (or his co-owner son) should ban this story.

Like I said, ask a trained veterinarian about this, and my allegation of animal abuse. Make sure you show the story to the vet too.

I’m sorry, are you guys arguing about veterinary veracity of a fictional story? Because I’ve got news for you, the girl in “Who is She” is lying too! It’s so obvious!


I will have to read that story - haven’t yet. Thank you for the “warning”.

The problem is that someone can get the wrong idea and feed chocolates to their dogs. Dogs will eat them but will get poisoned by it.

One might equally ask: do you go to a trained vetinary practitioner for advice about dietary considerations for your pets, or do you go to random stories on a language-learning website. If someone does the latter, they are an idiot who shouldn’t be keeping a dog in the first place, meaning that the dog almost certainly has bigger problems than being fed chocolate.

I’ll grant that it is conceivably possible that someone could read that story and go on to feed chocolate to a dog, but then again it’s conceivably possible that, for example, someone might see a stunt in an action movie that you couldn’t possibly do in real life, and get injured trying to replicate it. Nonetheless, we don’t usually demand that people censor unrealistic action movies, or other media that don’t perfectly reflect real life. We usually set our ‘minimum viable citizen’ bar a bit higher than that.