Stop Worrying About Streaks - The Apple Rules All

I see a lot of users making threads about losing their streaks.

I was like that, once upon a time. When my 200 day streak died, a part of me died as well.

However, I kept pushing - and one day, when I opened up my account I saw something magical.

A golden apple.

Seeing that golden apple meant more to me than all of my streaks…combined.

For those who don’t know, the apple is a symbol of your activity score (how much time you spend on LingQ). It’s a true representation of your language learning dedication.

If you want to continue your streaks, fine. But nothing beats seeing a golden apple next to your profile.

Stay gold.


I agree on streaks. Speaking of activity level and apples…how on earth is it calculated. I see questions about it all the time, and for example, if I compare you “last month” stats to mine. I’ve exceeded every stat (by a fair margin) except for listening in which we are about the same and speaking…I’ve done none. Yet your activity score is around 2700 and mine is around 1500. Does the speaking component add a fair amount to the score?

You mention “how much time you spend in LingQ”…is there actually a time component to it as well in terms of me paging through lessons, or listening, or speaking? For example, while I read 3x as many words…that maybe only amounted to lets say an hour of time in lingQ. Whereas, if you did speaking of 9 hours…that dwarfs my hour extra of reading time. Hence the higher activity?

Mostly just curious as it seems to be a mystery and many questions in the forums about it with only speculation as to what it actually is composed of.

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Why not both? :^)

Exactly, that’s what I like streak for - it’s simple and clear. In my opinion, the most important factor in any learning is that it is done regularly, every day. Streak reflects and supports this.


Yeah, this makes sense. Streaks are good for building habits but I too believe that it could become an excuse to just do the minimum because of the streak and not really doing the daily mental effort necessary to move the needle of the learning process. Something on what I was thinking about in these days but still don’t have an answer. Probably both are good but the “gold” Apple would be the better way.

Only if you have achieved already the daily habit though.