Stop treating me like I’m one of your marks

Stop treating me like I’m one of your marks.

Question: What does “MARK” mean here?

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If the person being told that works for the government or intelligence agency it is the person they are assigned to watch/follow on a mission. “His mark was the general in charge of the terrorist group”.

Someone being susceptible to/pitched a scam. Also could be falling for an easy sales technique for
something that isn’t a scam.
Mark is a common name easily given to a stranger. You will also see Jon used in this way.
Mark can also be a target,objective, (marks plural)Grades in school or a record(e.g.“High water mark”, “beat my

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If you mark something you leave a sign on it that gives you some information. You can for example mark your pen so that you know it belongs to you and not to other students. When you metaphorically mark a person, you pick that person out from a crowd, you watch them closely, make them your target. In the language of spies and conmen that person becomes your “mark”

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A mark can mean a target, which comes from painting a mark on something to aim at during target practice. A mark can in that sense also mean a person who your marketing is targeted at if you have a company, or it could be someone who is supposed to be assassinated if you are running some kind of an espionage /crime / terrorist operation. A mark may furthermore be someone who is a little gullible, when marketing is targeted towards them.

In professional-wrestling, which is not real competition, but scripted fights or at least fights with a predetermined outcome, the people who believed it was real competition were called “marks”. The term is often used today as someone who is a childlike fan of something. Sometimes if a person really enjoys something as a fan and perhaps suspends their disbelief in watching something that a more critical person would be negative of, it is said that they “mark out” (act or feel like a “mark”).