I’m really sick and tired of finding some of my hints removed. I am in no mood to look for the thread on hints, so, HEAR MY COMPLAINT!!! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FINDING SOME OF MY HINTS REMOVED!



Well, you are CREATING them…lol. But seriously, yeah, I see your point. I thought originally the lingqs would be deleted for only people that hadn’t used them yet. I think they didn’t go with that, though and just decided to delete them completely. I don’t put much effort into creating my own lingqs, so it doesn’t affect me so much, but I feel for you.

@Imani At LingQ, you don’t have full control or “ownership” of your LingQs. Others may delete them if they “think” they are wrong…

Kcb, the word sì = yes. This HINT was even removed!! I noticed it when I tried to deconstruct this sentence:"E quindi come arginare questo senso di solitudine accettata sì,[…]” It’s ridiculous that any genius can come along and remove hints!!

nd71, exactly! Therein lies the problem!

Each person should have sole control, full ownership over the hints that are created for individual learning needs. I repeat, each person should have full control and sole ownership of his/her own hints!


I had the same problem:
Several of my carefully created LingQs with lots of information were deleted not because they were wrong. They got deleted because someone found them to detailed.

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@Imani - I’m really sorry to hear about this. I will personally look into this and see what can be done to improve this process and ensure accurate/correct hints are all kept intact.

Alex, I thank you for your attention to this matter.

In short, I think that NOBODY have right to change/delete MY hints.
And I dont mind if MY hints dont appear in common hints list.

Sometimes I do create WRONG hints by different reasons, but I do it for MY purporses.

If they want edit/delete MY hints, I dont mind, but please do it over DUPLICATE and leave MY hints alone. A big surprise I get when I see message that "Incorrect hint removed. Please choose a new hint"... My (sometimes) carefully created hints. Im against that approach.

Please, LinqQs team, dont let MY hints to change by nobody but me.

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Sorry for offtop:

And please make captcha more simple.
Or just hide it for permanent users.

@sdom - sorry about that. We will look into it and make sure your hints are safe. The captcha is the necessary measure now, however we will see what we can do to make it easier for our members. BTW, we (staff at LingQ) have to use it as well :slight_smile:

@Galina - thank you in advance.