Still stuck on Android version 5.5.5 (417)

So apparently version 5.5.8 of the Android app was released at the end of May, but there are still no updates available in the Play Store.

I always update my Lingq apps there and never had any issues so far. Until now.

I double checked and both my devices run on Android 13.

Any idea what is going on? Other apps are updating as normal.

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I’m on 5.5.9(424) on Android. Maybe it already updated and you didn’t notice? or does the version on your app still show the old? (i.e. ignoring what play store is showing).

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The app on my tablet and mobile says version 5.5.5 (417) and it is also the latest version according to the Play Store.

I have auto updates turned on.

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Honestly, sometimes this happened to me on iOS as well. For some reason, this app didn’t autoupdate. I had to go directly to the app on the App Store to see that there was an update available and click on it. I don’t know if it is the same on Android.

It is, but no updates are available for Lingq.

Very strange. My original thought was that maybe it’s related to different android versions (i.e. maybe older versions might not be compatible with certain changes or updates), but we are on same android version.

I checked with our Android developer and the newest version was actually released to 70% of users. Should be available for everyone now.

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@SeoulMate It seems you’ll get the stable release xD

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Thanks guys. This is fine. I am on version 5.5.9 now. :slightly_smiling_face: