Still horrible to find the latest post in long threads

As a moderator I should approve forum posts of new members. I’ve tried this on the thread “Speak English on SKYPE”:

I gave up.

@Mark, @Alex: It is horrible to find the latest post in that thread. I’ve tried to approve the post of mohamed3742 but I got tired to search for it. I have to admit that I still dislike the new look and handling on the forum.


I agree - I find that the new forum design is (and remains) utterly horrible.

I can only imagine that this was done deliberately in order to dampen down the forum part of the website? (I can’t imagine that they would have screwed it up out of sheer incompetence?)

@Veral Sorry, I really don’t understand what is so horrible. I’ll be grateful if you can explain it to me?
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I hit “reply” to the last comment and the result is the system sent a rose for me to the first post. I wanted to say that “horrible” was the wrong word.

If you have a long thread (a very, very, very long thread) and someone ansers to a post in the middle, there is no way to find it with one click. If someone add a post at the end, you have to scroll and wait for showing the post, to scroll and wait for showing the posts, to scroll and wait …

In this case I gave up after scrolling about five times …

Maybe “impossible” would be better. But I guess if you are patient enough and have eyes like Sherlock Holmes it is possible.

I agree with you… it seems like a tough word
And just to mention, I didn’t found anything inappropriate in my post on that thread

I didn’t either. Just wanted to tell you Vera meant “hard to find”.

Oh right, I thought that the problem is a post I wrote there. (:
I also think it is a bit difficult and little annoying to scroll so many times in order to see latest posts, maybe it would work better if the logic of posting is opposite - newest post right at the beginning and older on the end…

This is a misunderstanding - nobody is criticising your post :slight_smile:

(The problem is the way the forum is designed.)

You just need a sort. Look at the Guardian’s comment system. Can sort by newest / oldest. Also, can sort by “collapsed” (nested but with most replies to a comment hidden, but with the option to expand replies to an individual comment), “expanded” (nested with all replies to comments shown), “unthreaded” (replies to comments not shown, just comments shown). Also, can sort by number of “likes”, or by “editor’s picks” etc.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when the Guardian’s comment system came in, everyone threw their toys out the cot and complained about it incessantly, but it became, imo, one of the best comment systems going around.

A much bigger issue is quality of posts, and quality of comments, and how you foster that. You look at the forum sidebar at lingq and it is a never ending flow of skype requests, beginner questions, complaints etc. But if you look at the lingq twitter feed it is a stream of interesting links and posts, which would make for good discussion points here in the lingq forum. It would be better if the “lingq forum spam” got shifted out, and the lingq twitter feed and interesting posts got filtered in. At least, as a start.

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@Vera - I would have used the word ‘horrible’ myself (!), but as: “It’s horrible trying to find the latest post” :slight_smile:

Online forums are older than the Worldwide Web. I can’t believe that we are still having to talk about basic things like sorting, searching, and filtering. With decent forum software, the noise would be much easier to filter out and the quality of conversations would improve dramatically.

For now I removed this thread, as we identified that this long thread wasn’t contributing much to the forum, and there are multiple shorter threads that serve the same purpose.

Seriously? If you find a thread to long, you remove it?

“… wasn’t contributing much to the forum…” I agree, but what if a thread is contributing and difficult to handle? What do you guess the new user, whose thread was waiting for being approved is thinking now about LingQ?

Thanks @troisRoyaumes @Prinz_Јоgi,
Hilarious :smiley:
realized that later on

We don’t intend to do this with other threads. This was a rare exception, especially in a case where multiple threads with the same purpose exist. Users who have questions about this can contact us directly and we’re more than happy to help address their specific questions.