Steve's visit to Prague

Just to wish Steve all the best for his forthcoming trip to Prague.

It’ll be very interesting to see how far he can go towards fully activating Czech during this trip.

(Steve, if you have time, maybe you can let us know how things are going?)

Hi Mr. Kaufmann,
I really wish you a very good experience going to Prague, practicing your czech, visiting places, and enjoying this beautiful country.
Have a nice trip.

Thank you for the kind wishes. I am really looking forward to this five day intensive immersion. I am curious to see how much of my passive knowledge of Czech gets activated.

Dr. Huliganov, of youtube fame, will be at our meet up. He was the one who inspired me to think that a short immersion exposure would activate my passive vocabulary. That is why I have been working on building up my passive potential for a year. Soon we will see if the five days to fluency approach can work.

I will taking videos soon after arrival and before departure, and perhaps of some my encounters with the natives.

Yes, best of luck Steve, and it will certainly be interesting.

I suspect the results won’t be mindblowing, but will be maximised if English can be avoided during your time there (in speech and in thought).

Good luck!

(P.S. Would love to see/hear a discussion between you and Huliganov one day!)

Yes, I hope it goes great, Steve. 5 days sounds like a good length of stay, acc. to what Dr. Huliganov says. Let us know how it goes, when the dust has settled.

Best of success!

Steve, all the best for your visit in Prague and your Czech language practicing!

Prague is a really great city with many, many interesting sights like Charles Bridge, Castle, Old Town Square, Jewish Town, Kafka Monument, Museum & Grave, and many more …

But be careful when hiring a taxi - they are unregulated so cheating tourists is a favorite pastime! They are legendary in Europe for their bad reputation.

For all the Czech speakers: David James (a.k.a. Dr. Huliganov) has uploaded a video of the meetup in the Novomestsky Pivovar on Youtube.

Very inspiring, although I didn’t understand much beyond the greetings. :smiley:


Good luck and return safe.