Steve's video 'The Art of Language Learning or the Ability to Notice'

Yesterday I watched Steve’s video ‘The Art of Language Learning or the Ability to Notice’. I found this video very helpful to me. In this video Steve shows how to use some of the new features of the Vocabulary pages of LingQ. In my study of German I had started to notice how words are put together.
I will not try to explain exactly what Steve said. I can leave that up to Steve. Listen to the video to find out!

What I do want to say is that the vocabulary pages are now super useful! I am putting in tags on sentences and phrases so that I can easily return to them over and over. I am now searching for words that start with a particular group of letters. There are many more possibilities.

Some of these features apply more to languages such as German, Spanish or English but other features would be very useful for students of any language.

A big thank you to Steve and the others who help make LingQ the useful tool that it is!