Steve's book "The Linguist" in Portuguese


I noticed some time ago that Steve’s book “The Linguist” in Portuguese had disappeared from LingQ. Is it going to be available again or was it removed permanently?



Idk what or why but they went and decimated the portuguese library even deleting their own stuff. I tried to tell them but they didnt do anything. Alot of good stuff got deleted

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This is probably related to LingQ deleting most of the oldest courses at the end of last year to free up storage space. The files were permanently deleted by a developer and can’t be restored - I asked. A clerical error really, there is no one to blame. But it’s certainly unfortunate this had to happen, with this they wiped out some of the most popular and helpful courses ever. All the older libraries were affected. Here is a related thread concerning the German library: Irene's German lessons disappeared from library. Why?


Wow i didnt know that, i was about to make a post asking if other libraries were beind decimated.

Its so sad cause the best European portuguese content was the old stuff and it all gone :confused:

I wish they would of said this instead of just responding we will look into it

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