Steven Krashen talk

I just found this over at the forum and thought many would be interested in seeing this lecture. It’s really good!

Thank you, Nick! You are my friend forever!

Hey Nick, That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

All i get is an ad for Party Poker.

I have watched the video. It was very interesting, although I watched it only once and have to admit that I could not understand all. If I am not mistaken, he talks about the relationship between children 's reading ability and the number of books in school libraries, the problem related to putting too much emphasis on phonetics in teaching languages, and so on. I noticed that he tries to analyze several important issues in language education taking statistical or survey data into consideration.

understand all → understand it all

I also get that ad twice and then dropped. But I seems to have listened or read it before, what you, Yutaka, describe.

Hm…the same ad. Looks like the whole Canada is filtered out of Krashen’s ideas :wink:

phonetics → phonemics

"Hm…the same ad. "


All I get is advertizements. How do I see the video?

If you press the red button, it turns green. Press the green button.

I finally got through the ads, but the video keeps stopping. I am quite familiar with his ideas and have read many of his writings.

Steve the real question is: What’s wrong with parties and poker? I think lingq should open up an online poker room…

I think lingq should open up an online poker room…
where lingqers will play for points?

Here is the youtube link
part 1 stephen krashen's talk part1.avi - YouTube
part 2 stephen krashen's talk part2.avi - YouTube
part 3 stephen krashen's talk part3.avi - YouTube
part 4 stephen krashen's talk part4.avi - YouTube

Thanks, Don. The first site was too cranky.

This is not related to the contents of the video, but Steven Krashen looked younger than I had expected.

He looks young because he uses Steve Kaufmann’s methods.

Don, thank you for those links!!