Stay Inside, Keep Warm, and Check Out New Content

Another week closer to Spring… Why even leave the house at all? Much better to just keep LingQing away…

For our English learners out there, turning your robotic, memorised English into casual, native-like speech is always a difficult task. That’s why we’ve added English with Jennifer’s English Conversation Skills course to the library.
Learn how to express anger, surprise, agreement… watch how native speakers do it and then practice on your own. Check it out here Login - LingQ

If you need a bit more of a challenge, check out Seen and Not Heard, the story of a girl who lost her hearing and has to navigate her life in complete silence. Definitely not for beginners… Check it out here Login - LingQ

We usually don’t talk much about our Polish offerings, but we know it can be difficult to find good Polish content for learners. We’ve added Płynnie po polsku, a YouTube channel that will teach you about Polish culture and history while you learn the language. Check it out here Login - LingQ

We’ve also added a shelf for La Chandeleur, the day of crepes in France. I can’t link you to it from here, but trust me - Check out the French Library on your device and scroll to find the delicious content filled with articles and videos.

Last but not least, we have the latest episode of our Italian Podcast. Our host interviews an Italian teacher who - despite being born in the US - speaks perfect, accentless Italian. Watch the episode and follow along with the subtitles right inside LingQ here Login - LingQ

As always, we have tons more content available in each language. Just check out the What’s New shelf for a full view of what our users have added recently.