Status rating

So I’ve been using LingQ for the past few weeks and I’m really starting to like it. Right now only one suggestion on the sight comes to mind. It would be nice if the different status ratings from 1 to 4 of lingQ’d words would change the colour of the highlight over that lingQ’d word, so each status would have its own colour. It’s not really all that necessary, but it would be kinda nice to be able immediately know the status of all your lingQ’d words as you see them in lessons.

Just an idea though. But all in all this sight is great and definitely like what your doing with it!

Great to hear that you’re enjoying LingQ!

We’ve had this feature request a couple of times in the past (most recently here:, but at this point we still think it would add a bit more complexity to the site that some may not like.

While we have no plans to add it at the moment, we’ve considered adding it as an optional feature and may revisit this in the future.

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to ask around – someone will be sure to help out.