Stats showing how many users are learning each language at LingQ?

I think it would be really nice to see How many people are learning each language at lingQ.
(only counting members who have been active at lingQ in the past month) Having a little number next to each flag indicating that, would be really cool.

What do you guys think of this?


I’d like it, but maybe they don’t want to publicize . . .


I’m not sure LingQ has such a big user-base to boast absolute numbers.

At the same time I believe some analytical weekly reports would add a value to the platform. Current weekly reports certainly have space for improvement.

LingQ has lots of statistical data, the only question - is it’s graphical representation:
Top 5 languages people spend the most time on.
Graph with share of each language in time (excluding english that have probably 90%)
Most active users this week and other statistics.

Such data could be used for marketing. Articles like “Unexpectedly, popularity of Serbian language is UP 100%!” would bring flow of users to the platform.