Stats for Materials I Post

Is it possible for me to see the statistics for materials I have posted? I have hundreds of lessons for US history that I could post here, with audio and video, and I would be willing to post them by series if I knew that people were using them. I posted one a few days ago, but I have no way of knowing if people are using it. If they are useful and people enjoy them, I would be willing to keep doing it. If they are not, it is probably not a good use of my time.


You can see the amount of people that have read your lessons either by editing your course and watching the “in use” column (I think that’s the name in English?), or, the one I prefer, just type

where X is the language in which you uploaded your lessons (which in your case should be English so “en”), and there again you just have to look at the “in use” column.

(nb. the “es” on my link is due to me having the app in Spanish, maybe for you it’s

You could also see the likes by clicking (NOT editing) your course, and scrolling over the lessons.

Basically just type:

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Thanks. Apparently it is not being used by anyone.

Unfortunately, there is no real good way of surfacing or promoting new content right now. We are working on enabling this for our new version due out sometime this year. In the meantime, you can try promoting your courses or lessons here on the forum by linking to them. Or, if you give them a like, they will show up in the Feed where others might see them. You should also make sure to add good tags so that they will show up in search results better.
There is a lot of English content so it can be hard to get found.