Statistics: Words Read count while watching youtube or listening to the audio


For the last 2 weeks (approximately) I have been experiencing the following issue when on desktop: whenever I watch a youtube video or listen to the audio – I automatically get words read count, for which I also get a relatively huge amount of coins (feels like).

It happens in all the languages I’m practising on lingq, and on both chrome and safari.

I made a quick test by opening a new lesson and listening for a bit – please see the screenshot.

The issue does not happen when on my ios devices though.

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

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Hi @nemnogonenado !
As far as I can assume from your screenshot, the Words Read data corresponds to the quantity of words on the page. Then it is expected, that those words are accounted for after you spend some time on the page.
The award for reading should be 1 coin for every 10 words. Please, let me know if it exceeds significantly in your case.

yes, that’s right, coins seem to correspond to the words on the page, but previously it didn’t work that way.

same if I open up any content in any other language and do not read the words (and they stay blue as I do not touch them) but just keep on watching/listening – I am getting coins for reading as well. and (as I assume) that “word count counting” only happens with the content on the first page of the lesson, no matter how long I’m listening or watching.

that doesn’t happen on ios.