Statistics within LingQ

How are an individual LingQer’s statistics stored within LingQ?
The system can calculate activity scores, lingqs, etc, over different periods.
Is an entry made in the database for each user for every day with activity, then a query totalling the figures for the period used? Or are details not preserved?

The reason I ask is that it would be great to be able to download this data and do things with it: see when we were over our targets, compare lingq creation to words known, how much reading we’ve been doing, etc.

I’d quite like to put together an Excel spreadsheet that would show all of this.

Could this data be made available? I realise that it would involve development work which would then need prioritising.
Would anybody else be interested in this?

We’ve had this suggestion in the past as well. The data is stored in the database, so it should be theoretically possible. Perhaps it is something we can look into as we continue to update the site.

In the meantime, I recommend adding it to where other people can “like” the idea as well. This way we can better gauge how many people would be interested this, a graph over time of their activities on LingQ.