Statistics problems and site slowness

We’ve been having some problems with our New Words statistic on the site recently. Negative numbers and zero’s were being displayed which, of course, make no sense! Many of you have also pointed out that the site seems to be much slower than before. We are fixing the New Words numbers but in the process we have realized that a major source of slowness in the system is the way this number and the Priority LingQs number were previously calculated in the Store and WorkDesk. This was due to the requirement that we be able to sort by these numbers.

Therefore, we have now turned off these two numbers so you won’t be able to see them while we rework the calculation. We hope to show you these statistics again in the next few days but we are permanently removing the ability to sort by New Words or Priority LingQs, which appear to be rarely used features anyway. This has significantly improved the speed of the site.

Do you have ETA when this problem will be fixed? I have upgraded to a paid membership mainly because of the statistic feature. Now it is gone for almost a week.



The statistics are the same for all users, free or paying.

We took down the statistics temporarily because they were significantly slowing down the site. We will have them back up this week with an even better and faster LingQ widget. Please be patient. We are constantly working to improve the site.

You will be seeing more and more benefits to membership, and especially paying membership, as we roll out our various new features over the next few months.

What I meant was that it was this feature that made me use LingQ more intensively, and eventually I was upgraded. I can’t live without it.


I hear you, Edwin. Unfortunately, we’re in the middle of upgrading the widget right now and we can’t make this fix until we’re done. We also want it up as fast as possible, so just hang in there a few more days.