Statistic for -words read- is suddenly very inaccurate

Words Read is really the only stat Ive ever paid attention too. I noticed its adding like 3-5x the amount i actually read tho. A 2000 words lesson will count for like 6000 words read. This is a new bug, I would have noticed it sooner.

Seems to be connected with the finish lesson checkmark button not working as I have that problem too.

Kind sucks my stats are getting messed up between 2 languages but Ill live.


I’ve got these same two bugs. The extra words read has been going on for a few days. I think the end of lesson button being broken started yesterday for me.

I was also having some weird bugs with highlighting phrases where they wouldn’t highlight and then all the words on the rest of the page would disappear. I’d have to go back to the home page and back into the lesson to fix it. I haven’t noticed this bug today though so maybe they’ve fixed it.

It seems like whatever update they released at the beginning of the week messed a bunch of stuff up.

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Thanks for reporting. @austin1234 Can you please provide an example lesson in which you noticed the mentioned issue? Thanks.

everyone of my imports has this issue. There is no exception. still ongoing. For example i am only a third into a section of one of my imports this morning and it already says ive read 2000 words.

Thanks. We are looking into it and we will have it fixed soon.

Has there been any progress on getting this fixed? I am still getting hundreds of “words read” for a single sentence at times. It’s especially bad when simply editing the lesson seems to award me 20-30 coins (presumably based on (some multiple of) the words I had to re-load afterwards?)

When they work correctly, the coins are a really good way of gauging how much I’ve done in a day. But currently, using the browser is almost like a cheat code to quickly fix my streak before midnight…

@fabbol I asked our team what is the status of the issue and will let you know as soon as I hear back.

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I’m having problems with word count too. I often reread lessons and and when I do I have to navigate to the beginning of a lesson. I also tend to open and close lessons without reading them (just checking stuff or changing my mind on what I want to read), and notice my word count going up. I’m not sure if it also happens while just reading a new lesson from start to finish. I’m not sure exactly what causes it but that’s what I’m usually doing on LingQ when I notice the issue.

This has turned into a recurring issue, unfortunately. At times it seems to go back to normal, and then later it doubles, triples, … my “words read” again. It’s currently happening again. I am very curious what the issue might be and if there’s a way I could avoid it.