Stat error

I have only learned 4 words today and created 4 lingqs, but the known words number and lingqs learned is all wrong. This happened when I imported those words I think.

Thanks for reporting, I asked our team to investigate the issue.

Can you guys fix my stats?

Hi, have you checked your settings for “Paging moves to known” and “Auto LingQ creation”? you may have activated the first, so by paging you gained more known words.

Yes, it’s checked. So I might have accidentally included random words while going through a lesson? What I find confusing is that I recall the stats increasing only after I imported new words. I didn’t even touch any lessons yesterday. Could there be a one-day delay for the stats to update, considering it’s been two days since I last did any lessons? When I look at my continue studying lessons, I don’t notice anything unusual either.

These two phrases I imported from a content I read a week ago are checked as known lingqs even though I didn’t manually check them. I think this also happened with the other 41 words that have suddenly been marked as known. I don’t think that I accidentally did all of this by mistake.

not accidentally, but if that option in your settings is checked (paging moves to known), when you move to the next page it automatically adds blue words to known. please make sure that option is not enabled.