Starting learning German in the midst of my 90 day challenge in Chinese

On January 16th I started my 90 day challenge in Chinese. I’m enjoying the process, and my comprehension is getting better by the day. While I am having fun, I’ve been toying with the idea of learning German. I was originally going to start with Japanese when my challenge was over, but there’s no way I’m going to able to learn the 2000 required Chinese characters before that time. I figured that learning Japanese while still trying to memorize the characters wouldn’t work. Thing is, Norwegian is my mother tongue, and it is a Germanic language, and English is heavily influenced by German, and because of this I understand quite a bit of German. Many words are similar, and many of them I can easily guess what means. So I i figured, why not German? I do have more than enough time to juggle two languages. In fact, I have enough time to learn even three, but that would be a little over the top. I will only be dedicating about 20-25% of my time to German, and the rest to Chinese. I will more than likely dedicate far more time to Chinese, but that’s the main idea.

Wish me luck!

Please ignore the missing “to” in the title.


Viel Erfolg!

‘Learning’ is fine in the title. If ‘to’ is used, you would need to write ‘to learn’

Whoops! I noticed that now! Clearly writing at 5AM isn’t the greatest thing to do.

Lykke til & … viel Spass

I do the same at the moment. I am a Dutch native, so German also makes some sense to me.

I think it is a perfect balance since Chinese can be toilsome, where German is the least intensive language to learn for me. A little hard work here and a little relaxation there. I would suggest doing this to everyone!