Starting learning French (higher Beginner) and Japanese (from scratch)

Hello everyone. I want to start learning 2 languages at once, and my goals would be to speak French for 15 minutes in April next year, and continue to learn Japanese without speaking. That’s because I am not able to have a conversation yet. I have a strong will, yet I’m terrified of learning for the first time 2 languages at the same time, so I need help. I need some information, your personal experience, anything that would help me start it. It could be even YouTube videos of successful multiple languages learning , or articles, etc.
Any thought or suggestion will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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This is a good motivating video too (for overall language learning): Tony Robbins - Success Cycle Application to Language Learning - YouTube (not so much Robbins’ stuff, but Steve’s take on it)… Found myself sticking another yellow post-it above my desk: “I have the potential to be fluent in Russian, Mandarin and Japanese (or any language)” :slight_smile:


I watched all these videos again, and I watched Luca Lampariello’s videos, before, and now this one: How to Learn More Languages at The Same Time: My 5 All-Time Best Tips (That Get Results) - YouTube … so I decided to learn only French until the middle of April, or even May (that’s my goal), to build a language core, and then to start learning Japanese. I thought a little and concluded that Japanese won’t dissapear, it will always be there waiting for me. :slight_smile: I will still concentrate on French more than on Japanese until at least the half of year 2016 because I want to be really good at French. When that time comes, Japanese will start to be my main occupation, and I will be just maintaning and perfecting a little French. I will add that I decided too that I will study Advanced texts in English from now on, a little every day, to reach more advanced levels of it, beyond fluency.

It really is a good video! Thank you for sharing it! :slight_smile: