Starting from 0 , what should I do?

hello everybody.
I want to start to learn Chinese. but I know literally nothing.
in lingq system , there is just chinese alphabet. what should I do ?
or you guys , what was your first step ?
thank you …

You can find some answers written by native speakers on the other forum.

And other pages for beginners

And other pages for learning to read Chinese characters.

And you can start easy lessons on LingQ.

On these lessons, you can find English translations.

Then, you will LingQ each character or word in order to know the meanings with online dictionaries.

And you will be able to buy a little grammar book to glance at grammatical problems if necessary.

thank you very much dilemme for taking the trouble to answer
these links will be very helpful for me . appreciate it .

An useful link regarding learning characters: Learn to Read & Write Simplified Chinese Characters

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