Starting again

Hi just a quick query.

I’ve had a long lay off period from studying Russian. There was a time when I was on the site fairly regularly and managed to learn lots of words. Now I am in a situation where I want to start again as most of the vocabulary I picked up I feel as if I have to relearn.

I have deleted all my vocabulary lists and everything from my old library but when I go onto texts words I don’t understand are still appearing as if they are learnt.

Any ideas on what I can do about this?


Hi, i have a tip for you. If the word is white and you’ve learned it already, then just select it with your mouse cursor. It will become blue as if it would be unknown to you before. Double click does the same.

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Cheers metalhead I’ll try that.

That’s right. You can’t unlearn words by deleting them. Once you have indicated a word as learned or Known, the only way to make it yellow again is by highlighting it and creating a new LingQ.