Start Preparing for an Early Spring With More New Content

Maybe this is wishful thinking on our part, as we currently have more than enough snow here in Canada to last us until April… But why not get an early start preparing for your summer travels by practicing with new content?

Check out Time to be Italian (Login - LingQ) if you want to learn some quick Italian idioms and expressions.
In particular I recommend the lesson titled ‘Figurati’, because it focuses on a verry important word that you’re certain to hear everywhere when you visit the country.

Advanced English learners can check out the Michael Shermer show Login - LingQ a podcast about philosophy, society, and humanity.
Here are some interesting episode titles:

  • Why the Rational Believe the Irrational
  • Fear of a Black Universe
  • How We Reason with Human Nature

See some lessons from Doppel hält besser (Login - LingQ) to get a hang of Austrian German . These lessons teach you about Austrian culture, language, and expressions all at once… Great for your next trip to Vienna!

Individual episodes focus on things like common terms or words used in Austria that you won’t find in Germany, Austian swear words and profanity, and even German words that you won’t ever hear used in Austria!

As always, we’ve added far too mucn new content to mention everything here. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a full view of what our users have added in the last week!

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