Start a New Mystery With **Who Is She?**

Start a new mystery with Who Is She?

Need something a little more entertaining than our Mini Stories? Something with a more developed plot, and maybe even a bit of mystery? Maybe Who Is She?, the story of a girl trying to find her missing brother, is right for you. She travels to another city to meet him when he stops responding to her emails…

We’ve translated it into many languages and you can usually find the course in the Beginner 1 tab of the Guided Courses shelf in your language. For more LingQ-recommended content, the Guided Courses shelf is a great place to start.

Check out Who Is She? in the following languages:

Wheres the love for Finnish </3?
I had a look at the English version and I’m confident I could whip up a Finnish version in a couple minutes using narakeet.

Breaking news! 
Facebook acquires Ireland
The government announced this deal in a press release today. Martin Heydon, the Minister of State, this afternoon told journalists:
(voice: Brian)
“Facebook has a proven track record of supporting local businesses and communities. We are confident this transition will be a great success.”
It will be interesting to see how Facebook operates in Ireland without the regulatory oversight that helped put a check on some of its more extreme antics in the United States. Facebook has been rumored to be on the lookout for a new base of operations. In fact, a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News: 
(voice: Rodney)
“we are especially excited to maintain our heavy Irish heritage and will maintain many core values from our native Menlo Park, including a laid-back attitude toward political corruption.”

Infact…this could be a good opportunity to complete the missing 40 odd Finnish mini stories. Can you tell me what the original language is for the stories?
Could update to native transcription at a later time when someone does it.

Original language is English. The thing is, as a user you can share translated content like that but the biggest barrier would be getting a native speaker to record it.