I like to “rewind” tracks and listen to phrases I can’t understand a few times. This is almost impossible to do at the end of a podcast if there is no “space” at the end, i.e. if the file ends immediately after the sound ends, it then goes right to the next track and I can’t reverse to what I want to repeat.

Could you recommend to uploaders that they leave a few seconds of silence at the end of files?

Also I think it would be helpful if everything downloaded from Lingq had a similar “Genre,” like “Lingq podcast” maybe. Right now there’s a jumble of Genres (“Blues” is very popular) and it makes it harder to find stuff I want to listen to.

Many files have album names, that’s very helpful. It would be useful if all the files were given some kind of album name.

All you can really do is to ask the provider to look into these things. All of this stuff has to be added by the content producer. You can ask on the Lesson Forum.

Even then, you can change all that stuff by right clicking the file and going to ‘properties’.

Yes of course but, still would be nice to have a вроды “corp d’esprit” (sort of team spirit) where lingq content providers have guidelines that make it easier for their material to be accessible.


So far you are the only one who has asked for this. By all means talk it up to see if anyone else is interested in this subject.

We are very grateful to people who create content for us, or provide content for us, and we are not too keen to set too many conditions.

But you can certainly begin by doing this when you provide content.

Wow. I’ve certainly thought about providing content, nothing original, just some “classics, standards” that might be helpful (and not in violation of copyright laws хъ)

I’m definitely immensely grateful for content provided here. I wasn’t suggesting setting “conditions.” I was thinking more in terms of “suggestions” to providers to make their content more easily accessible.

I’ve thought about this many a time when searching through my ipod at work or while commuting. Perhaps I’m the “only one who asked for this,” but there thereI think could be others who would benefit from these suggestions.

[It’s amazing what spellcheck can do. I almost spelled grateful “greatful” хъ ]


The reason is, that when you create mp3 in Audacity, you can add any information in fields Title, Author, Album, Track #, Year. But field Genre has to be chosen from the droplist, and “Blues” is chosen by default. So provider can change this field only after creating mp3, using standard OS tools.

Perhaps, it can be more useful, if Genre would be Russian / English / Japanese / Swedish.

Concerning pauses at the end. Ok, next time I will add several seconds of silence :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me!

When I’m manually adding tags to LingQ files for my mp3 player I put genre = language (e.g. Russian), provider = LingQ, album = anything, but if it’s blank it harder to find the content on my mp3 player.

LIbrivox also asks for a few seconds of silence at the end of a track. Apparently some mp3 players tend to clip the end off.

Fortunately, my mp3 player offers the option to use the file system. So I organized the download. I put the files in different directories. Then I can use these to navigate to the content.