Standard vs colloquial

As you may know , Not every one studies german to discuses politics or business in the university of Berlin . And not every one studies Japanese to be able to feel its poetry such as waka and tanak . Surely , each one of us have its own reason to learn a language which reflect on his way of learning ,What to focus on and what is not a priority .
Now , onto the question , What is more important to you folks? . Is it the formal and academic sort of language or the vernacular ? I would like to know what do you have in mind .

I think about stages:

  1. Beginner: Tourist language
  2. Small talk - speaking

Then the world is open… just do as needed. In my case

  1. Reading the news and books
  2. Listening the news
  3. Watching films
  4. Theater

Note that I do not include writing. I found that it happens by itself.

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When you’re trying to draw, what’s more important, knowing how to draw straight lines, or knowing how to draw curves?

You’re studying a language, it is used to express many aspects of life, some through straight, formal language and some through colloquial, curvy expressions. There isn’t one without the other.

Having said that, as a foreigner, speaking formally in a more informal setting is a hell of lot less frowned upon than speaking informally at a former setting. So, starting from formal and working your way down is usually the best bet.