Why does the SRS show me the same word over and over again even though I press correct all of the time.

Plus, none of the words changed from Level 1 to Level 2 besides those that I manually changed.

Compared to Anki this seems like garbage, I’m sorry to say it like that, but I can’t use an SRS that shows me the same word 10 times even though I press correct every single time.

Is that on the web version? Words’ status should increase automatically +1 if you guess it correctly twice in a row.
I can’t reproduce the issue on my end. How many words you have on the SRS list? Are you reviewing Daily LingQs, or manually selecting and reviewing words from a Vocabulary?

SRS will continue for about a month until the SRS expires.

I used it on the App on my Android phone. It was the very first day that I was doing my SRS Due Repetitions because I just started using LingQ.

I really need help with this. My status level isn’t going up even if I press “Got it” again and again and again even in the same session. This way the whole SRS becomes useless and I might cancel my subscription since I can’t even properly review flashcards if your system isn’t working properly.

I’ve just started using Lingq a couple of weeks ago but so far I understand, you can export your words to Anki. If you want to train you vocabulary with flashcards, it ist probably the best thing to do. But Lingq remains in my view a great tool as a big library of content at your level (text and audio), which you can expand by importing stuff you like. Personally, I use my (limited) time to read further inputs rather than practice SRS . I hope to see my lingqs again in new text, so that I hope for a kind of natural “spaced repetition”. I do use occasionally use SRS when I feel like it, then I change the level manually. Happy learning to you!

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I really like that idea and thought of it myself. Still it’s unfortunate that LingQ can’t provide a good SRS like Anki.

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Are you sure that your LingQs status didn’t increased +1 after two correct answers? Try refreshing the page after you’re done with a review and let me know if that helps.

Yes, I tried it several times, it never worked.

Please check your email, I replied there too with some additional details.

Might I recommend that you use Anki for your SRS if you need to focus on that. Almost everyone uses multiple resources so find what works best for your in your different learning areas.