SRS seems to not work like it used to

I recently deleted my French language option in the settings so that I could start French from 0 after a long break.

Now the ‘due for SRS’ section of my vocabulary seems to be broken.

  1. Words wont automatically show when the SRS date ‘none’ is selected. However, before i deleted my deck all the cards up for review would show if I selected ‘none’.

  2. Once I review a card and and it shows that I have progressed it, for example when it shows that I have gone from 1 to 2, the card does not disappear from the SRS list and stays there. So I end up reviewing the same card multiple times a day until it gets marked all the way up to ‘known’.

What is happening?
LingQ used to work fine and now the SRS part doesn’t seem to work like it should for me.

Hi Rob,
Sorry to hear that you have problems with the SRS.

  1. Strange, I can’t reproduce this, all words appear for me when NONE is selected. What is your study language and which browser are you using?
  2. The card shouldn’t actually be removed from the SRS if you progress from 1 to 2. It’s still in SRS system but number of days between emails that word is included in Daily LingQs will be longer. Each higher level means that word will be sent to you for review more rarely. Until it’s finally checkmarked and removed from SRS.