SRS Review Bugs

I have been getting a lot of bugs in my SRS Review, where when it shows the example it will be something completely different from the original source of the word, which I think makes the review a lot less effective. I was hoping this was just temporary and would be fixed with the maintenance period we just had, but it is still happening all the time.

Any word on when this will be fixed?

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Hi @Druedir !
May I ask you to provide some additional info:

  • a screenshot of an incorrect example in the SRS review
  • what platform are you using (Web/Android/iOS)?

yes hi, I am using desktop, Windows

here I’ve put two examples, you will see that when it gives the example for me to answer it is one context, one I haven’t seen, but then when I answer it gives another context, which is the correct one where I originally saved the word

I think it reversed the question/answer but you get the picture. This happens with at least half of these types of question.

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@Druedir , thank you for the provided info!
The point is that the Cloze Test activity can grab sentences, which contain the target LingQ, from any part of the lesson. It is not a bug. At the same time, the sentence which is shown on the back (answer) card is the “Source Text”, which is the original context of the saved word, as you correctly mentioned.

Okay but it’s not pulling it from other parts of the lesson, it’s pulling it from completely different lessons that I’ve never seen before. Sometimes with words I’ve never seen before, making it almost impossible to figure out the context.

But at least I have answer that it’s not getting fixed.