SRS Questions

I’m really confused about how the SRS is supposed to work, and whether something is broken here or I’m doing something very wrong.

I added 10 words from the “LingQ 101 - Getting Started” lesson in Arabic. In the app, under vocabulary, I have the option to show “All (5)” but SRS Due says “SRS Due (9)”. If I “review” those, it still says “SRS Due (9)” afterwards. I can review again and again, and it adjusts the levels up and down depending on what I get right, but the terms don’t clear from that “SRS Due” list.

I switched to the website to see if I could make sense of that instead of the app, but that doesn’t make sense either. On the website, under “all,” I can see all 10 terms I added, with the levels I’ve reached from repeatedly reviewing in the app. But under “Due for Review(SRS)”, it says I haven’t LingQed any words yet!

Can anyone help?

You can get more information regarding the SRS system and how it works on the Vocabulary help page: