SRS Is Behaving Differently Before

I’ve been using the SRS as part of my review process and realized it’s working differently today. Normally all terms I’ve seen in a review session move out of the “Due for Review” tab after the review session is over. Any of the words that move up or down a stage (as a result of getting them correct or missing them twice) and are removed from “Due for Review” for the day, as expected. However, any words that I only get right once (or get wrong twice at stage one) that stay at the same stage aren’t removed from the “Due for Review” and continue to appear in my SRS reviews for the day until they move up or down a stage. I am using the website version.

I noticed today that my words I get right after reviewing do not advance to the next level say from 3 to 4. It just stays at 3. I think this is something to do with what you’re experiencing since my words for review are not showing up right either when I go into the story/text for review.

We are investigating the issue. Thanks for your patience.