SRS for specific lessons?


Im using Lingq daily for 3 years, but i still didnt figure out how SRS works.

I just did a conversation with a tutor at Lingq and i´d like to review the new sentences using a space repetition system technology, but I never do SRS at lingq so when i push on it, then shows me 27.000 old learnt lingqs pendent to review.

Id like to do SRS only for the lingqs on specific lessons, similar to an ANKI deck. is that possible at Lingq? or should i export the lingqs from the lesson and import them to ANKI?

Thank you

Open the lesson in question. At the top, you should see an indicator of the number of LingQs you have in that lesson. Click on that. Then, to the right, you should see the Flashcards icon. Click on that …

thanks for the reply, but i think thats for doing regular flashcards, i want to do them in a space repetition way, , so once i comlete the first cards, they wont show up anymore until 4 days, then 1 week, after 1 month, etc.