SRS bugs (Android)


I’m encountering some bugs when using the SRS feature in Android:

  1. I get 20 cards per review session, despite having selected 10 cards per session:

  1. The type of exercises does not match the Activity settings I choose. Also, the flashcards for Phrases are exactly the same as for isolated words (which means the options I have marked for phrases under Activity settings are just ignored by the system).

  2. Sometimes, I get weird mixups of French (the language I’m studying) and translations, as seen here:

  1. I’m not sure if this last one is a bug or the expected behavior, but it doesn’t seem to make any sense: during the very same session consisting of 20 questions, I am asked about the same word/phrase three times. The first time, I normally fail, but since the same word/phrase appears again two cards later, I still remember it and, therefore, I answer correctly. And the same word appears a third time some cards later (in the same session), which obviously I can recognize because it was displayed seconds ago. And after this third appearance, the Lingq gets promoted to categories 2 or 3. So, an unknown Lingq goes from unknown to 2/3 in the course of one single SRS session of 20 cards. Is this the way the system is designed to work?


Thanks, we will investigate the reported issues.

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Hey zoran, eu nao consigo utilizar a tradução pelo aplicativo do lingq, somente pelo web, mas pelo app não funciona, ele aparece a mensagem para obter o premium, porem a opção de criar linq automaticamente esta desativada, eu quero somente traduzir a palavra, isto é no android app

You reached your LingQs limit, that is why you can see translation and save more LingQs. You need to upgrade for unlimited access.