Split lessons no longer seem to work in 5.0

When creating a new lesson that is beyond the max lesson length, only the first part seems to be generated. The other parts never get added to the course. Also, there is no longer any warning or notice that the generated lesson is too long and will be spit.

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I’ll look into this and let our developers know. Thanks.

Hi Zoran / bdm

This was happening for me past few days, and I tested it again after seeing this thread … but just now after the web release 2 software (chrome) it worked successfuly for me for a youtube import creating two split lessons.

Cheers, Frank

Hello I’m still having this issue :cry: I’ve tried Google Chrome and Safari and both gave me the same results, only the first lesson appears. And moreover, in v4 version when I imported on my usual learning web (namely ARD and ZDF for German), there was always audio with it when I imported. But now it’s gone. Hope that LingQ team can fix it. It would be perfect!

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The second and third parts of the split lesson did eventually show up, however duplicate lessons were created as well. The split lessons feature seems a bit fubar’ed at the moment.

Oh really? For me the bug hasn’t been fixed yet :cry: There is still only 1 split lesson appears.