Split ebook by charter

I purchased some kindle e-books together with its audios. I can extract the audio file from Audible and split it to mp3 files according to chapter. Likewise, I can also export the e-book from kindle. Then I import the e-book and MP3 to lingq. But the problem is that lingq doesn’t split the e-book by chapter. So it is difficult to map the text and the MP3 file.

Any tips to split the e-book by chapter? By lingq’s importer or by any other tools. So that make creating lessons with text + MP3 easier.

If you have a DRM-free text you can import the book chapter after chapter. If necessary, convert the text to WORD, and then copy a chapter. Import the chapter as a lesson into LINGQ and so on.

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Yeah, at the moment what Ben suggested is the only available option. LingQ for now do not automatically split book by chapters and you will need to manually import chapter by chapter if you prefer book to be split that way.