Split audio - incosistent experience

When Lingq splits a lesson with uploaded audio, only the first two files have audio attached. The first part of the lesson has the entire audio file attached (for example, with a length of 30 minutes). The second part of the lesson has a split audio file that only contains the audio for the text of that part of the lesson (for example, with a length of 12 minutes). The third part of the lesson doesn’t have any audio attached.

I don’t presently see any solution to this issue within the website/app. Either the same audio file needs to be attached to all parts of the lesson, and when you move on to the next part it should automatically start at the timestamp of where you left off. Or the audio should be split by Lingq and attached to all parts of the lesson.

As it stands now in order to create a consistent experience, after I create a lesson, I have to go to the second part of the lesson, delete the audio file, add the complete audio file. Then go to the third part of the lesson and add the audio file. Then when I’m ending the first part of the lesson I have to remember the timestamp where I’m leaving off and fast forward to that point on the second part. And repeat that for the subsequent parts.

Any solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

It’s not a within-app solution, but you can download Audacity for free, or GarageBand if you have an Apple computer, and that should let you split the audio and save it as two or more separate files which you can then upload, though you may have to do a bit of guesswork as you try to put the playhead at roughly the right place in the audio track to find where the split in the text is, and then play forward until you find the exact spot.