To LingQ’s 4 different categories (unknown to known) I have added a fifth for myself: I know the word and i can spell it. I establish what I can and can’t spell by listening to an assignment and writing it down as it sounds, then checking it against the transcript. If I can’t spell it I need to keep learning it; if I can spell it and remember the meaning then it’s a 5.

Later I will go up to category 6: i know the meaning, I can spell it and I can conjugate or decline it correctly. There aren’t many words in Russian I know that well yet!

Any chance of adding spelling drills to LingQ in the future?

Many people have their own areas of interest or things that motivate them. At LingQ we first have to focus on those things that a lot of people need. I am inclined to concentrate on the whole language, getting used to it, without nailing it down. I wold rather know many words, without being able to spell half of them, than try to nail down a smaller number of words. I think that has influenced the way LingQ is designed. I do not see specialized drills for spelling in the near future. Nothing prevents learners from testing themselves. There is no better place than our writing section. In Russian I write in our Write aream then turn on the spell checker to see my mistakes.

Well, you certainly know a lot more Russian words than I do, Steve, can’t argue with that.

I hadn’t tried that writing section because until yesterday I had no points to pay for submitted writing. I like that Russian spellchecker and the autosave draft facility.