Spellcheck in English error message

Spellcheck in English gives me “an error was encountered on the server” dialog box.

That’s strange. It is working fine for me. Are you sure it is trying to check the English spelling?

Yes it is for English, here is a screenshot


But do you actually have English selected as your language? Either language of study or language of spellchecker.

OK I didn’t realise it was dependent on the language of study as well as the language selected on the Check spelling drop down menu. But I wonder what the drop down menu is there for if it will only work for the language of study? Anyhow a very small issue. Thanks for all the support work!

It shouldn’t depend on both. It works fine for me and I’m in Spanish now but have English selected on the spellchecker. The language of study sets the spellcheck language to that language by default.

Ok. In the beginning of this thread I encountered the problem when the LoStudy was Japanese and the SpCheck was English. I have the same scenario now and the same error occurs. I guess if anyone else has the problem they can add to this thread.

Ah. Now I see that error. I’ll add it to the list.