Speed Upgrade

We are going to make some significant structural changes to our system this afternoon. We expect these changes to greatly improve the speed of the site. The site will be down for approximately 4 hours starting very shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience. We think and hope it will be worth it! :slight_smile:

We will post any updates on the LingQCentral Blog, www.lingqcentral.com.

Sorry for all the disruption yesterday and having the site down for such a long time. We kept thinking we were just around the corner from having the update complete. In the end we stopped the upgrade since it was taking too much time. Therefore, there has been no change to the site.

We think we have identified the problem we were having and will try to make the update again. We think the update should go quickly today. We will keep you informed.

We’re ready to try upgrading the site again now. We will be shutting down in about 10 minutes. We hope to only be down for an hour. Thanks again for your patience.

The site has been back now for the last few hours. The latest upgrade was a success! Phew!! :slight_smile:

Initially, there wasn’t much of a speed improvement but it is behaving much more quickly now. The site is significantly faster now on most pages and actions. Let us know how you find things.

We just had an issue with our new security certificate. Sorry to those of you who couldn’t log in for the last 20 minutes. The bug has been resolved and you can log in again.

Hi Mark,

almost all of my account is in english (it should be in portuguese)

And when I try to go to the “Setting” page it appears (500 - Server error)
The same occurs when I try to enter by “Edit your Profile”

We are experiencing a few problems as we convert to the new server configuration. Please bear with us as we fix these problems. sorry for the inconvenience.

The Settings page and "Edit Profile’ are working now. We’re working on the translations but that may not be there until tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Switching from French to Japanese generally takes well over 90 seconds. The last time I tried it was 9:31 pm PST Feb 17

Yup, there is still an issue with the Lessons page. We made this change and hoped it would speed up that page. For some reason, that page is even slower now. Apparently, the speed should improve over the next few days as the database “warms up”. However, if the speed stays the way it is, we have other things we will try. We will speed up that page one way or another. Just be patient for the next few days. The speed of LingQing, importing, updating and other pages does seem faster now.

Hello. I have a problem with "check spelling "in the Write Section in Enlish LingQ.

Insted, following message is shown with dialogue box on my PC screen:
“An error was encountered on the server. Please try again later”

Thank you all for reporting problems as they occur and thanks for your patience. We hope to have everything back to normal, and faster, as soon as possible. Please keep reporting any problems you experience.

Hello,everyone. I’m Cherry, from Shanghai, China. Two days ago I discovered this place and began to learn my lovingly language here. The resources are great, esp. those from “podcastfraincaisfacile”, I think .I’m learning French now, for my own interest as well as a test 3 months later.I’m also readily to share my language audios (Mostly Spanish and French) with you. ^ ^ But firstly I’m afraid I should get acquiented with this web as well as post passages in English words!@@…jaja!

My profile picture disappeared. So I tried to upload a new on, but the upload-photo function isn’t working properly for me.

Crosspost from another thread - Time For Opening Lingq - Language Forum @ LingQ :
I do most of my LingQing around midnight (GMT+1, so probably the same time zone as you) and last night (~15 hours ago) it took minutes to load the Russian LingQs (which weren’t very many, just from a short audio clip of one minute).

Hi JT001,

There does seem to be a problem with the picture cropper. We will look into it. It is still working although you can’t see the image in the cropping screen. If you click crop, it will crop the image to the area inside the box.


We will get the spellchecker fixed.


Thanks for the comment!


We’re working on the speed issue.


now the site is in Portuguese again

There was a tool that was added in the last update.
This tool made possible to know how much time passed since the last post on each thread on the forum.
This tool isn’t available now.

The number or “new words” of each lesson isn’t available too.
The content from the library has it available in the page of the respective content, but on my Lesson page it isn’t appearing. The content that I imported doesn’t have it available anywhere.

Just to let you know that the spellchecker, translations and import page in IE7 have been restored. We have also done a few things which have improved the speed of the Lessons page. It can still be improved and we continue to work on it. The picture cropper will be restored tomorrow, hopefully.

The new words number was removed from the Lessons page to see its effect on the speed of the page. It will be restored soon. No changes were made to the forum.

Thanks for all the great changes. But just FYI. the first time I click on the “lessons” link for French it takes well over 90 seconds to load. Subsequently it speeds up, I guess because there is something in my cache so my computer doesn’t have to contact your server for everything. If this is just an inevitable result of having a lot of items in my workdesk, that’s fine.