Speed of audio playback

I reckon this is mainly aimed at mark, this might be a stretch since it appears you guys are using an existing flash based mp3 player but…

It would be REALLY nice to have a button slow down the playback of the stream! Like 1/2x or such. Sometimes a few words are pronounced quite fast and I find myself going over that part of the audio over and over to get it down. It may require a more robust flash application but I think it would be worth looking into as it would help with those big, difficult words.

Hi Dexter,

This is on our wish list and will be done eventually.

I agree and I miss this possibility on MP3 players too.

On the loutspeaker bar I click on stop and then I go to the bargraph (where the bar is at the moment) and go there a little back.
It is difficult to find the place for a few words but it helps me a little.

Mark wrote it is on the wish list, so I hope the “eventually” will be reality.

Hi Dexter,
I know this is not proper place to ask my following question, but I have to ask you. What is it on your picture? Is it a dog?!?!

Yes, it’s a dog smiling :slight_smile:

It’s hilarious!! I love it.

I first download the files and then I use the program “express scribe” because it has a tool that adjusts the normal speed to another speed between 25% and 225%. You can also use the windows media player, but only have 3 speeds, or the quicktime7 that have the tool either, but I didn’t test yet.