Speaking & Writing Activites

Along with both listening and reading stats, there are also speaking & writing stats that are within your profile, but I don’t know how you increase your stats for speaking and writing since there doesn’t seem to be any exercises for both speaking and writing. How can you increase your speaking and writing stats here on LingQ?

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To speak you should go to the Tutors page. There you will find all available tutors you can speak with or submit writing for correction. Find a tutor you like who has times suitable for you and click Book. You do need points to book conversations and submit writing for correction. You can buy points on the Points Tab - Login - LingQ .
To learn more go to the Speak Help page - Tutor Help.

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Lets say I buy 5000 points and lesson costs 4000 points, is there any way to get 1000 points, meaning USD 10 back?

In that case 1000 points will remain on your account and you will be able to use them for other conversation, writing correction or to purchase a premium lesson.

This is somewhat annoying or wrong. You know, when I want to quit this service, there should be a way to withdraw money whats left. Some tutors charge something like 13 or 14 USD from their services, and you cannot buy points with 13 USD. Of course I can choose that I dont buy services tutors who doesnt charge that exact amount which I can buy points with.