Speaking time - Progress Snapshot

Because I am not really sure I want to know the following:

  1. When I take part an event or a 1 on 1 conversation will the time be added automatically or do I have to add it with + ?

  2. Meant speaking time only the time in event or is speaking time too when I speak with others in Skype or on other places?

  3. What happened with the time when I record my writings (but without correction from a tutor)? Is that spoken time?


Hi Irene,

  1. The time will be added automatically but it doesn’t happen right away. This calculation is done once a day. This wasn’t working properly for a while but is working again now.

  2. Speaking time that is added automatically is only from Events you participate in. You can add any other speaking time you like manually by clicking on the “+” add symbol beside speaking

  3. I wouldn’t include recording my writing as speaking time. Speaking is meant to refer to conversations. However, it’s up to you. The statistics are for you. You can use them however you like.

now it’s clear - point one was the important for me.
Thanks Mark